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Grilled Square Hot Plate Pan - Thick (1.5MM)
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Brand Metallogy
Size (L x W x H) 16 in x 16 in x 0.5 in
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  • Cheap And Valuable Square Plate
  • Made By Mild Steel
  • Strong And Durable Hot Plate 
  • Ideal for home cook or business purpose

The Standard Grilled Hot Plate Used By Home Cook and Hawkers!

  • Thickness : 1.5MM

  • 100% High Quality & Brand New

  • Colour: Black

  • Hot Plate for Burger, Fish, Otak Otak, Roti Canai.

  • Made of Heavy duty, Tough And Durable Metal

  • Hand Washable With Warm Soapy Water

  • Easy To Clean, Safe, No Oil Stain, and Secure.

  • Non-toxic, Odorless, Does Not Affect The Quality Of The Food.

  • 1 Side Handlers

  • Made Of Mild Steel( Hot Plate) And Steel(Handle)

  • The Plate Have A Good Thermal Conductivity To Able The Plate Get Hot Faster

  • Suitable For Home and Outdoor Use

  • For The eEvent, Pasar Malam, Food Gathering, Food Expo, Hotel, Cafe, etc

How to use it?

-First of foremost, clean the surface of the hot plate pan with soapy water to remove the layer of cooking oil on it. 

-Wipe it with a dry cloth to ensure it always with dry surface.

-Add a bit of cooking oil and start to cook.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

1. Why there's a layer of cooking oil on the surface?

Ans: The layer of cooking oil on the surface of the hot plate pan is to protect it from rusty.

2. Will hot plate pan rust?

Ans: Yes. 

3. How to prevent it from rusty?

Ans: Use it frequently ( at least1 time per week) or apply a layer of cooking oil on the dry surface if use it rarely
(use only 1 time in 2 weeks)

Home cook use:

Family member (1-2 person) - L12'' X W12'' (1.5MM)

Family member (3-4 person) - L14'' X W14'' (1.5MM)

Family member (5 or above) - L16'' X W16'' (1.5MM)

New business hawker use: L20'' X W20'' (4MM) / L24'' X W24'' (4MM)

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5 reviews
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x1 Square Plate For Burger, Roast Fish/ Ikan Bakar, Otak-otak, Roti Canai.