About Us

Vision Statement
Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd has a grand vision which is to make the best metal products on earth and make the world a better place with our metal products. Based on this vision statement - every talent in our company strives for perfection in every metal product production and equally concerned about society and earth well being as a whole.


Mission Statement
Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd exists for a mission, and our noble mission is to bring the best metal products to the people. Based on this mission, - we practice continuous innovation throughout the whole company with the goal to produce the best innovative metal products to the people. 


Company Motto
Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd company motto is metal products for the people. Metallogy Industries Sdn Bhd's motto is to ensure every metal product we develop and produce must be a customer or standard people-centric products.


Company Philosophies
Metallogies Industries Sdn Bhd philosophies consist of three which are:-

  • We believe all people should have at least a metal product.
  • We consider a simple metal product is the ultimate sophistication.
  • We care for the people that why we create quality metal products.